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 The Overall Aims of the BGC

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  • To become a place of interactive, critical and analytical study of Scripture and Christian tradition
    where students can develop understanding and confidence to become the spreaders of Christian
    learning in their own home localities through Theological Education by Extension courses and other
    formal and informal routes;

  • To train priests to become leaders in ministry for the whole of the Episcopal Church of the Sudan;

  • To enable men and women to obtain diplomas, and eventually degrees, and in so doing raising the standing of the church and its members as a vital part of the development of a new Sudan;

  • To build up a relevant and up to date library and other resources that can be accessed by all members of the ECS and other interested people;

  • Under Christ, to be a centre for cross cultural interaction and communication between members of the different language groups and tribes in both south and north Sudan.

  • To eventually expand into a university with study programmes appropriate for the work of the church or development of the country in general.




A dynamic churchTo work towards achieving these aims, the immediate, short-term, medium-term and longer-term objectives to redevelop and upgrade the existing institution are headed: prayer, curriculum, staffing, site and buildings, study resources (library), finance and students.