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The situation in Malakal is horrific. The rebel White Army have again taken control and the rapes, murders, lootings and destruction continue. They have taken no notice at all of the agreement to cease hostilities signed in Addis. We are told over and over again that they do not respect the church, aid workers or the UN. In fact churches have been targeted and women raped and murdered in them.
Please keep praying for Malakal and the whole of the country. Then tensions are high. Things are not improving, rather the reverse.

  • Please pray for the over 700,000 displaced people and those seeking to help them.
  • Please pray for Christians and Christian ministers of all denominations trying to care for people and teach the message of love.
  • Please pray for the international community which, in seeking to try and remain neutral, earning the disapproval of both sides.
  • Please pray for expatriates in the country working to help the humanitarian efforts who are put at risk by the negativity felt towards the international community.
  • Please continue to pray for the staff and students at BGC struggling to keep the college alive despite the tensions and lack of sufficient resources.
  • Give thanks for those who are hear about daily who care deeply and keep themselves informed, irrespective of insufficient reporting.
  • Give thanks for those who have and are giving generously to BGC, and the support of the work of the churches with IDPs and in the area of reconciliation.
  • Give thanks for the courage and dedication of the Christian leadership in South Sudan.
  • Give thanks for the way God speaks to us so powerfully through the Scriptures and the example of Christ's people in the face of such suffering. God is with us. Never has Romans 8:31-39 felt so true.



I have heard from our principal today who tells me that BGC is opening as normal for the February to June semester. He and the governors are satisfied that the situation is sufficiently secure. How many students will be able to make the journey and how many teachers we can call on will emerge in the next few days.
Please pray for:

  1. Samuel Galuak (principal) as he works to get the college up and running;
  2. The support staff - Benjamin Disi our logistic officer, and his team;
  3. The students embarking on their journeys from all corners of the country;
  4. The financial situation. The college has lost local income which makes this new semester challenging. Please pray for new initiatives and sources as we become increasingly dependent on overseas funding.
  5. The development of the library in its new building with all its new books courtesy of the Theological Book Network.


Please pray for:


  • Peace and the stalled talks in Addis Ababa;
  • The continued efforts of the Archbishop and the ECSSS to bring peace and reconciliation to people who have known little but violence in their lives;
  • The hundreds of thousands displaced from their homes and living in IDP camps;
  • The United Nations as they seek to bring security and protection for these people;
  • Those living in fear of criminals engaging in looting, vandalism and tribal violence;
  • The expatriates returning to the country to assist with the healing process.

Bishop Gwynne College:

  • Give thanks that the staff and site are secure and safe;
  • Give thanks that the book shipment coming overland from Mombasa from the Theological Book Network in the US has arrived today.
  • Please pray urgently. With no local income we are having to construct a completely new budget and modify our activities accordingly. Please keep in your prayers the Board of Governors and the Principal as they engage in this process.
  • Please pray for our students in their home dioceses.

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