A Wau Diocese Priest at Bishop Gwynne College Juba

Rev Peter Akook talks about his experience


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Rev Peter AkookI am Peter Angui Akook, born in 1984, ordained deacon in 2004 by the Rt Rev Henry Cuir Riak. I went to Bishop Allison Theological College in Arua, Uganda in 2007-2008 for a certificate class in Theology and sat for St.Paul's University diploma exams in March 2008 and passed. But due to Bishop Allison Theological College experiencing financial problems, I could not go back for my diploma class and I served the whole of 2009 in Nyieth Parish where I managed to mobilise the local community to construct a fired clay brick foundation for a Primary School. Sadly the school is still in need of rafters and a roof.

I was almost losing hope that I would get a chance to study again, however in August 2010, I was able to attend Bishop Gwynne College in Juba to continue my diploma program. I thank God for giving me this chance once more under the leadership of Bishop Moses Deng Bol. At the college I was elected to be the Student's Union President on 24th September 2011.I think that this privilege is for one year only and at the end of my term of office elections are conducted again.

The more I continue my studies, the more I am preparing and sharpening my skills for the practical ministry in the field. I am being given skills, experiences and techniques that will help me handle the large range of issues that people may have. I believe that education, evangelism and discipleship program are the very issues that need to be brought to our people, because as we know the war just ended in the old Sudan affected mostly the northern part of what is now South Sudan. Even as we speak now there are people in many places who don't know how to read and write, and those who don't know what the “Good News” all about. I will be happy to come back to my diocese off Wau and enlighten our people. To help them gain access to education and to be believers in Jesus Christ.

The school at Nyieth inspired by Rev PeterCurrently in Bishop Gwynne College, I my position is like a bridge, linking students on one side to the administration of the college on the other and helping the administration reach the students with any information they need. Sometimes I am part of the decision making process of the college administration. I put forward some suggestions and enable students to contribute to the development and progress of the college.

Part of the progress of the college is the construction of a boundary fence. The construction of a strong fence around Bishop Gwynne College is very important because of the security issues involved. It is the responsibility of the college to keep out dogs, goats and any unauthorised persons. It’s not a problem that many colleges might face but it would be hard to modernise the college like the rest of the colleges in Juba and in the world at large if we didn’t.

The Principal of BGC, Rev Joseph Taban is a man who has a lot of vision, mostly contributing towards the development and the future of next generation. But above all, he is a liturgical man and in the whole of the Episcopal Church of Sudan one who can help improve the liturgy of our church. 

I am very grateful to be a student here and I offer my thanks to Bishop Moses Deng Bol who sent me and to God for providing for me.